Golden Clam Protein Capsules
PriceNT$ 1,980
  1. The first company reward Department of Health (DOH) certification in health food of the clam protein capsules. Golden Clam Protein Capsules is 100% extraction of Clam meat and its liver-protection effect is different from traditional clam essence of products.
  2. Each batch of golden clam farmed and examined under strict criteria comes from Hualien County and has approved by traceability agricultural product (TAP).
  3. New Innovative farming technique: Farming the specific algae with the unique forming way until grossing or bushing enough. Seem the 10 type algae as calms’ food then growing calms and algae together in the calms farm. By the time going through, Zhao-Hong’s clams are much stronger than other market ones.Besides, Zhao-Hong takes serious standard on clam farming. Despite growing in the nature environment. The company promises no aquatic drugs in the progress and manual plucking is adopted instead of weeding with chemical to keep natural soil texture and stay away from pollution. In order to remain the clean water in a certain degree, Maifanite is paved under clam farm.
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The product meets all standards and observed by government. The golden clams are also evaluated by Taiwan SGS and other inspection unit.
Food laboratory and other public inspection organizations for test during culturing. The packing procedure is undertook by superior plant like HACCP、ISO、GMP and so on during process. Both law material and final product should have passed the Taiwan TFDA food test. The product must meet the standard of heavy metal, pesticide, western medicine, plasticizer, and food sanitary. Additionally, all products are secured by product insurance company to offer customer multiple securities. In order to meet the customer demand, we  focus on research and development of innovative and good-quality product.

ZH-Biotech Golden Clam Culture Features:

* Each of the products of the company is a gold clams with "sales history certification".
* Each batch of golden clams use strict organic farming methods and various tests.
* Ecological farming: "low-density extensive breeding", the output is less than the average farming methods, "heavy weight is not weight", is a portrayal of ecological farming. Gold clams with "Traceable Agricultural Products "

Strict implementation of organic ecological breeding environment field​

Low human activity pollution --- simple farmhouse, no concrete building
Low human activities pollution --- no aquatic drug, all artificial weeding, water birds love habitat


Breeding methods innovation --- first raise a specific algae, and then algae water clams

Natural pure, Super high quality clams

◎Taking method: twice a day, 2 capsules each time, better performer if use it under empty

Gold clams are selected for good quality clams (only use gold clams with Traceable Agricultural Products ).
Capsule Ingredients: gelatin, pure water, sodium lauryl sulfate, glycerol, potassium silicate potassium pearlescent pigments.


Each capsule contains 60 capsules, each 602mg ± 30mg

Edible way

2 times a day, each 2, fasting food the best.

storage method

Save at room temperature, please open in a cool dry place, to avoid direct sunlight.